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 Advises about Tutu Care:

In order to help you enlarge the costume, we propose you the following:
An inner cord tightens the bodice at the chest level. It makes a knot in the middle of the back or on one side. Find it, please, untie and tie up larger by your taste.
Concerning the tutu: you will need for it the steam iron. Work up the inner part of the tutu on the waistline, where is the seam – do not touch the tulle with the iron, just treat it with the steam! The steamed skirt should be a little damp after it. Then enlarge it with the hands in different sides (widen the tutu on the waistline). Due the steam, you will be able to widen the tutu at the waistline with 4-5 cm. 

How to use dry clean tutu?
You can use dry clean tutu. If there is a spot of make-up or lipstick you may use the wet sponge and rub it slightly without any soap. If the spot still there you may use the special spray for dry cleaning .When you use it, you will see the wet spot and when it dry out, you should to shake off the powder. 

How to use wet clean tutu?
 1. Fill a bathtub with cold water. Cold water is the best temperature for washing the nylon netting without damaging it. It's also the most color-friendly temperature. Add a small amount of a very mild detergent.
2. Dunk the tutu into the water-and-detergent mixture, using your hands to loosen any particularly stubborn spots. Use your fingers to gently rub the detergent bubbles into the tutu to make sure that every part of it is being cleaned.
3. Drain the bathtub and use the shower setting to rinse off the tutu until the water runs completely clear and bubble free.
Hang the tutu and allow it to air dry.

How to straighten the hoop?
If your tutu rumpled in the parcel – You should carefully straighten the tutu’s hoop. The width of the hoop is 1cm. You should feel for all over the length of the hoop, and make that the hoop is right shaped. The tutu will be flat if the hoop will not be twisted. If the hoop is crooked you should carefully straighten it in circle around the tutu with your hands.

How to straighten the wrinkled romantic tutu?
Unpack Tutu then Shake, Finger-comb and Fluff: Gently ‘comb’ (or ‘rake’) your fingers through the tulle of the tutu, from waistband down to hem, removing any twisting, crumpling or knots. Hang up on a skirt hanger or other clipped hanger (or use a small child’s hanger).
Care for a Wrinkled Tutu: Do not iron! Steam works best. If you don’t have a clothing steamer, you can use an inexpensive humidifier. Set humidifier on a towel to catch any drips. With tutu on hanger, hold above the steam and slowly move tutu back and forth until it is straight and fluffy again. (I turn it inside out and do that side first, then flip it). Hang up. Another way to straighten your tutu: Spray with water bottle, hang, and let the weight of the water straighten it while it drips dries.
Tutus are made of nylon and/or polyester that is why the static cling is an issue. Try wiping each strip of tulle with a fabric softener sheet. Or spray with water and hang to dry. A solution of water and liquid fabric softener can also be sprayed on the tutu and worked through.

How to store tutu?
You should store your tutu in special bags for tutus. In tutu bag should be put absorbent.

Hope that our advices will help you a lot.

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